If we don't make us time in our dressing how are we going to have time?.

so for u the reader of this 3 minutes letter I will and you will learn thirteen rules to follow in this Halloween to look so genuine and not being so pushy on yourself

Why I in this website that does not have an SSL or the green lock icon that appears in every single site its s going to teach you how to properly dress for Halloween?.

If you keep reading this its because you are interesting and you want to know more about it.

This makes me so unique because I am teaching you this to u because I did the same errors when I was young dressing like Batman, Joker, or even worst a makeup.

but what's wrong with that? if this is Halloween and you know that outfits need to be creepy, but keep this in mind if you look does not fit to you, Ask yourself: Am I comfortable in this costume? Is this an outfit that represents my values?  Ask yourself: What’s the joke? Why would someone laugh at my costume/who are they laughing at?

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Whatever you know Halloween is most known, whether that's bratwurst or baseball caps, vampire bat or clown costume. There are some important rules to not look ridiculous in this Halloween

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